About Guthrie Street Primary School

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Guthrie Street Primary School is a highly regarded local school located in the southern residential area of Shepparton.

The school is committed to quality in all curriculum areas with additional emphasis placed on the core subjects of English and Mathematics as well as:

  • the specialised teaching and integration of Auslan, the signed language of the deaf;
  • the provision of an exemplary arts program that emphasises skill development, creativity, appreciation and presentation; and
  • a well-structured and supportive transition program for kindergarten children entering Foundation and for Year 6 transferring to secondary schooling.

Emotional Intelligence Program (EQ)

Guthrie St is committed to developing the social and emotional capabilities of all students through our explicit EQ program.

This program has links to The Resilience Project core values in gratitude, empathy and mindfulness.

We believe that for students to be successful in their academic work, they need to be able to manage their emotions, a key part of our EQ program.

Learn more about our EQ Program